How to Introduce a Senior Cat to Your Current Cat

How to Introduce a Senior Cat to Your Current Cat

In the event that you’ve gone with the choice to add a grown-up or senior feline to your family, congrats! More seasoned pets are significantly less probable than little cats to be embraced from covers. Besides the fact that you had saved a day-to-day existence, you’ll have a grateful, cuddly buddy that extraordinarily values you for it!

Obviously, on the off chance that you as of now have a cat or more youthful feline at home, they probably won’t be as amped up for the new relative — as well as the other way around. In any case, by following a couple of key tips, you can make a smooth change for every one of the individuals from your home!
Bringing a Senior Feline into Your Family


While presenting felines might appear to be pretty much as basic as assembling two felines, it’s not all that straightforward. There are a couple of steps you’ll need to follow to guarantee smooth progress that closures with your two felines living respectively as one.

Character Counts.

One of the numerous extraordinary things about taking on a senior feline is that their characters are now set, so you have a smart thought of what’s in store. On the off chance that is conceivable, attempt to pick a feline that comes from a past filled with multi-feline families and is on the cordial side. The new feline’s demeanor ought to likewise match that of your current feline for a superior opportunity of them getting along. While it could be difficult to come by a more seasoned feline with an energy level that matches that of a more youthful feline, it’s certainly feasible!

With regards to orientation, two female felines or a female/male match is a more secure bet than two guys, whose regular senses might provoke hostility.

Keep Them Isolated – From the get-go.

Felines are regional commonly, so try to give your new feline his own space prior to acquaint him with your ongoing feline, and give the two felines loads of unique consideration and love. Put away an extraordinary, disengaged space for your new feline if conceivable, complete with a litter box, food, water, toys, a scratching post, and some comfortable concealing spots. This will give her a protected spot to become accustomed to her new environmental elements prior to bringing one more feline in with the general mish-mash. Later on, ensure each feline actually has its own dishes and litter boxes.

Your two felines ought to have the option to hear however not see one another, so they begin finding out about another feline. You can do this by taking care of or giving treats to the two cats close to their individual entryways, so they start to relate the smell and sound of one another with a positive encounter. Playing with the felines by the entryway will likewise assist them with partner-positive encounters with one another.

While first bringing your senior feline home, don’t rush her to spend time with you, all things considered. Keep her in the transporter and leave the entryway open. She will come out when she’s prepared. Assuming she emerges, delicately pets her and sits on the floor close to her until she draws nearer. Console her that you’re blissful she’s there, and show her around the room. A few specialists likewise suggest at first taking care of another feline by hand as a holding experience.

Track Things Down.

Following a couple of days have passed, consider exchanging the felines’ areas so they can become acclimated to every other’s scents prior to meeting face to face. You can likewise rub the felines with a similar towel or clean sock to catch their exceptional pheromones and blend their fragrances. When the thing has been scoured on the cheek of one feline, leave it with the other to allow them to research it.

Gradually Let The Felines See One another.

When things appear to be working out in a good way for the felines all alone, it’s the ideal opportunity for a genuine gathering! You can begin things gradually by setting up an entryway between the felines, and proceeding to take care of and play with them inside perspective on one another, yet at the same time isolated.

At the point when you feel prepared, eliminate the door. Try not to be frightened in the event that the felines disregard each other from the get-go, or on the other hand, assume your young feline is more eager to play than the more seasoned feline. (Or on the other hand the other way around!) Regulate the felines and let them approach things slowly and carefully. In the event that you feel like one feline is bothering the other, you might think about seeing assistance from an expert feline behaviorist. Keep on partner recess and positive collaborations with uplifting feedback, i.e., treats!

Recollect that all felines are people and keeping in mind that two felines residing in a similar home might just keep on overlooking one another, they could likewise turn out to be best of companions. Try not to neglect a senior feline since you now have a little cat. You may be enjoyably shocked!



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