Top 12 Reasons Why Cats Follow Us to The Bathroom

Top 12 Reasons Why Cats Follow Us to The Bathroom

If you’re a cat parent, then you’ve probably been there. A little paw trying to reach its way under the closed door. A furry spectator watching you shower. Yes, we’re talking about cats following you into the bathroom.

We all know everything a cat does is on their own terms. Unlike our canine friends, cats treasure eating alone, pooping alone, and sometimes sleeping alone. So why do cats choose to follow us to the bathroom? Is this odd behavior harmless, or is your cat trying to communicate something more?


From “normal” cat behavior to health concerns, let’s take a look at some of the reasons your cat follows you to the bathroom.

Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom?

If you feel like you always have a furry potty partner in the bathroom (I do!), you’re not alone. In fact, one British survey found that a third of survey takers allow their pets in the bathroom with them. Here are seven possible reasons your cat wants to join you in the commode.

1-Sink Reminds Cats To Bed:

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With just the right size for loitering and sunbathing, it is no wonder why many cats love lounging around in and on top of the sink. Sink’s round shape and coolness provide a cozy summer retreat from high temperatures, while in winter cats enjoy the warmth that radiates from the sink after long showers. Nothing grants them more pleasure than the thought that humans don’t quite approve this strange yet appealing habit of theirs. So, your cat is gambling on knowing you’ll never understand but will begrudgingly accept this fact as part of its charming lifestyle!

2-Cats Look For A Litter Box:

Having a shared space such as a bathroom to do their business can help your cat and you bond in ways beyond the quality time you’ve already spent. Cats are incredibly social and love having their own spot that’s suitable for cleaning themselves in peace or come relax next to you. If you have a litter box placed in your bathroom, it will not only normalize the environment for them but make them feel included in family activities. Furthermore, it’s important to keep the litter box away from heavily trafficked rooms such as living rooms and kitchens. This small gesture of respect towards cats can bring forth a special connection between pet owners and their furry friends.

3-Cats Look For Freshwater:

As a cat owner, you might have spent a considerable amount of time and money looking for the perfect water bowl for your feline companion. However, sometimes it seems like all your efforts are completely futile. No matter how fancy or high-quality the water bowl is, your cat simply prefers drinking water from the tap. While it can be frustrating, it’s important to realize that your stubbornness could lead to a dehydrated pet. As strange as it may seem, you might notice your kitty following you to the bathroom just to get fresh water from the faucet. And if you catch your cat licking the wet sink or tub after you use it, don’t freak out! Some cats enjoy doing that, and there’s no logical explanation for it. So, when it comes to providing fresh water for your kitty, sometimes you just have to accept defeat and let them drink from the tap.

4-Cats Adore Warm Places:

Have you ever noticed that your furry feline friend likes to join you in the bathroom while you take a shower? Well, it’s not just because they want to spend time with you – it’s because they’re seeking out the warmest spot in the house. And let’s be honest, what’s warmer than a steamy bathroom after a hot shower? Your cat is smart enough to know this, and will eagerly snuggle up in the toasty environment. Plus, once you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in a towel, you become the perfect combination of ideal temperature and comforting scent. It’s no wonder your cat loves being by your side in the bathroom!

5-Cats Look For A Place To Chill:

As the scorching summer sun beats down on your long-haired feline, finding a cool and comfortable spot becomes a top priority. After spending hours outside in the sweltering heat, your furry friend will surely seek refuge on the cold tiles of your home. Luckily, there is no better time to give your cat the chance to relax and unwind than in the morning or late evening while you take care of your business in the bathroom. With a little bit of patience and understanding, you can provide the perfect haven for your long-haired pet to beat the heat and chill out in comfort.

6-Cats Look For A Place To Play:

The bathroom may not be your favorite place, but for your curious kitty, it’s a wonderland of things to explore and play with. As soon as they follow you into the room, they’ll be sniffing around and pawing at everything in their path. A bottle of shampoo suddenly becomes a toy, the curved bathtub is a new obstacle course, and toilet paper is just begging to be unraveled. Even water droplets or a warm towel can be enough to keep them entertained for hours. As their owner, you become an unwitting participant in their games, trapped with them in their own little world of bathroom fun.

7-Cats Don’t Like Mysteries:

If you have a cat, you may have noticed that whenever you close the bathroom door, your furry friend becomes curious and antsy. It’s almost as if the mere act of closing the door is an invitation for your cat to investigate and try to join in on the action. This is because a closed bathroom door is a mystery for cats, and they don’t like to be left out of the loop. In fact, your cat may believe that if it doesn’t follow you into the bathroom, it will miss out on something infinitely interesting. So the next time you try to sneak away for some alone time, don’t be surprised if your cute little menace comes charging at the door, insisting on being a part of the fun!

8-Cats Are Bored:

For many pet owners with indoor cats, one of the greatest joys of having a furry friend around is witnessing their hilarious antics when left unsupervised. This is especially true in the bathroom, where cats seem to find endless entertainment in the mundane activities of their owners. From chasing water droplets down the shower curtain to pouncing on a freshly dried towel, cats have a blast turning their owner’s bathroom routine into a playground. Of course, nothing beats the thrill of catching a human red-handed in the act of using toilet paper – that’s when the real fun begins! For cats, there’s no shortage of entertainment to be found in the bathroom.

9-Cats Are Curious:

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Cats are known to be curious creatures, and their eagerness to investigate closed doors in the house is no secret. The mere sight of a locked room or a sealed bathroom door presents a challenge to these feline adventurers. For your cat, the bathroom is the ultimate curiosity-inspiring location; it’s like they’ve been left out of a party and desperately want to know what’s going on behind that door. In their minds, they are the rightful owner of your home, so any restriction of access to certain areas only increases their urge to explore. So next time you close the bathroom door and hear a faint meowing from the other side, know that your curious cat has got its detective hat on and is ready to solve the mystery!

10-Cats Look For Your Smell:

For some reason, cats have an odd fascination with bathrooms. Maybe it’s the sound of running water or the cool tiles on the floor, but whatever the reason, they just can’t stay away. And when it comes to your bathroom, your cat has a particular interest. You may not love the scents in there, but your furry friend likely can’t get enough of them. That’s because everything in the bathroom has your scent on it, from the towels to the soap to the very air you breathe. For your cat, that’s just about the best smell in the world. So if you want to spend some quality time with your feline friend, just sit down in the bathroom and let them come to you. They’ll be there in no time, sniffing away and rubbing against your legs. And while you might not understand the appeal, your cat thinks the world of that little bathroom of yours.

11-Cats Enjoy Following The Owner Around:

If you’re a cat parent, chances are you’ve experienced your furry friend following you around the house. But what about in the bathroom? For some cat breeds, the bathroom is just another room to explore and spend time in. If your feline friend is one of those breeds, be prepared for some company during your personal moments. Some cats just can’t resist the urge to follow their humans into the bathroom, even if it means interrupting some privacy. Don’t be surprised if you feel a nudge or two on your leg while you’re doing your business. It may take some getting used to, but in the end, having your loyal companion by your side at all times can be comforting.

12-Cats Follow Routine:

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Cats are creatures of habit and love routines. This includes their communication and behavior patterns. Once a routine is established, your feline friend will start to love it. Take going to the bathroom for example; if it becomes a routine for your cat to follow you there, it will eventually adore it. To take it a step further, if you shower every morning and make it a part of your cat’s routine, they will eagerly join you. This can also be linked with a meal to establish a sense of familiarity and relaxation for your furry friend. A comfortable routine will make your cat feel secure and happy in your home.



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